The definitive source for best-quality Duratrans backlit display graphics film.

Kodak Professional Duratrans Display Material is designed for making brilliant display transparencies from color negatives or internegatives. It is available in a variety of sheet and roll sizes for applications that call for great durability.


Kodak Professional Duratrans Display Material is a translucent-base color transparency material designed for producing large transparencies for backlit displays on illuminators without built-in diffusers. The white- pigmented coating provides its own diffusion and its 7-mil ESTAR Thick Base provides resistance to tearing, making it especially suitable for large displays that require a suspension system with hooks, grommets, and springs. Because Professional Duratrans Display Material has a thicker emulsion, it also requires longer processing times than the standard Process RA-4 cycle.


Store unexposed Duratrans material at 13C (55F) or lower in the original sealed package. High temperatures or high humidity may produce unwanted quality changes. Avoid moisture condensation on Duratrans material that has been refrigerated by removing the package from cold storage the day before printing, or use these warm-up times before you open the package: Warm-Up Times (Hours) to Reach Room Temperature of 70F (21C)

Size From a Storage Temperature of
(0F) 2C
(35F) 13C
8 x 10-inch
(50-sheet box) 3 2 2
16 x 20-inch
(50-sheet box) 3 2 2
3 1/2-inch x 500-foot roll 7 5 3
30-inch x 100-foot roll 8 6 4
40-inch x 100-foot roll 9 7 5


Handle Duratrans material in total darkness. Be sure that your darkroom is light-tight. Eliminate stray light from enlarger heads, timers, LEDs, etc. Note: Using a safelight will affect your results. If absolutely necessary, you can use a safelight equipped with a KODAK 13 Safelight Filter (amber) with a 7 1/2-watt bulb. Keep the safelight at least 4 feet (1.2 metres) from the Duratrans material. Make tests to determine that safelight use gives acceptable results for your application.


Expose Duratrans with enlargers equipped with tungsten or tungsten-halogen light sources or photo enlarger lamps (e.g., No. 212 or 302). For best results with Duratrans, use a black-base printing easel with easel blades to prevent reflections. Using a light-colored easel can affect color balance. Tape or any other material that can cause a reflection on the printing easel may form an image through the base of the Duratrans. Do not use fluorescent lamps to expose Duratrans materials. Use a heat-absorbing glass to remove infrared radiation. Because voltage changes affect light output and color quality, use a voltage regulator. Keep negatives and the equipment optical system clean. Mask negatives to eliminate stray light. You can use the white-light or the tricolor exposure method.

White-Light Exposure Method

Control color balance with dichroic filters built into the enlarger or printer, or with KODAK Color Printing (CP) Filters (Acetate) or KODAK Color Compensating (CC) Filters (Gelatin) placed between the lamp and the negative. You can also use CC filters between the negative and the material; however, use as few filters as possible -- preferably not more than three. You can use any number of filters between the light source and the negative. If you use cyan filtration, use filters with the suffix "-2" (e.g.,"CP10C-2"). To make a test print, start with the 40M + 25Y filter pack. Adjust the exposure to obtain satisfactory density; adjust the filtration, if necessary, to change color balance.

Tricolor Exposure Method

Use KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filters No. 25 (red), No. 99 (green), and No. 47B (blue) to give the material three separate, consecutive exposures, one through each of the filters. Be careful not to move the material or the enlarger until you have made all three exposures. Typical exposure times at f/8 for making a 6X enlargement for PROFESSIONAL DURATRANS Display Material from a normally exposed negative are given in the table below.

Filter Times for an Aperture Setting of f/8*
Red 2 seconds
Green 11.2 seconds
Blue 17.8 seconds
*For an enlarger equipped with a photo enlarger lamp No. 212 or No. 302; the aperture setting may vary with other types of lamps.


You should not notice shifts in the latent image with keeping times from 1 minute to 24 hours. Therefore, you do not need to change your printing procedures to compensate for latent-image shifts under normal temperature and handling conditions. (If shifts do occur, you can minimize them by keeping the time between exposure and processing the same for all material.)


Use KODAK EKTACOLOR RA Chemicals for Process RA-4 to process these materials. Your processor must be capable of handling the ESTAR Thick Base of PROFESSIONAL DURATRANS Display Materials. For information on processing Duratrans material in continuous or roller-transport processors, see KODAK Publication No. Z-130, Using KODAK EKTACOLOR RA Chemicals. For information on processing Duratrans material in trays or rotary-tube and drum processors, see KODAK Publication No. J-39, Tray, Drum, and Rotary-Tube Processing with KODAK EKTACOLOR RA Chemicals.


Duratrans is intended for viewing by transmitted light. When the Duratrans is viewed by reflected light, it should appear darker than a normal reflection print. The conditions under which you view color transparencies have a marked effect on the apparent color quality. For critical evaluation of display transparencies on Duratrans, place them on an illuminator that meets ANSI standard PH2.30-1989, Viewing Conditions -- Photographic Prints, Transparencies, and Photomechanical Repro


Spotting and Retouching
You can spot or retouch these materials with KODAK Liquid Retouching Colors; do not use opaque retouching materials.

Splicing Transparencies
For large display transparencies, you can join two or more sheets of processed PROFESSIONAL DURATRANS Display Material with KODAK Splicing Tape and KODAK Display Material Cement.

Notice: Many municipalities have adopted as part of their local fire codes the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701-1996 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films, which applies to plastic films used for decorative or other purposes inside buildings. To comply with this standard, you must protect displays using any of these plastic films. We strongly recommend that you take one or both of the following measures to protect all large displays, especially if the material is displayed in a public area: Fully enclose the materials in a light box or an illuminator.

Frame and laminate the materials to a non-combustible mounting board, wall, glass, or 1/4-inch or thicker polycarbonate, e.g., Lexan, support. Other standards covering the burning characteristics of these products may apply to markets outside the U.S. Check with the appropriate local agency. Do not use Duratrans for backdrop displays in theaters or television studios; for these applications, we recommend a backlit vinyl. For more information, see CIS-37, Combustion of KODAK Films, Resin-Coated Photographic Papers, and Print and Display Materials.


Characteristic Curves
Spectral-Dye-Density Curves
Spectral-Sensitivity Curves


Rolls in. x ft Sp CAT No.
10 x 100 902 841 8675
11 x 100 902 846 1733
20 x 100 901 811 8325
24 x 100 901 823 5970
30 x 100 901 155 4625
40 x 100 901 803 9695
43 x 100 901 827 5927
50 x 100 901 812 7045
72 x 100 901 840 3859
74 x 100 901 840 9468
Spec 901: Unperforated, emulsion in, no leader or trailer, no edge markings
Spec 902: Unperforated, emulsion out, no leader or trailor


(inches) No. of Sheets CAT No.
8 x 10 10 831 2340
8 x 10 50 831 9220
11 x 14 10 832 5821
11 x 14 50 800 6041
16 x 20 10 822 5930
16 x 20 50 809 5911
20 x 24 10 801 3336
30 x 40 10 839 9032

Note: The Kodak materials described in this publication for use with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Display and Print Materials are available from dealers who supply KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products. You can use other materials, but you may not obtain similar results.
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