Duratrans Backlit Film

The reference standard translucent graphic media.

The reputation of duratrans as the gold standard for quality backlit graphic film is a foregone conclusion to virtually everyone in the Graphics, Signage and Advertising industries. Blue River Digital Inc. is proud to present Duratrans.com as the world’s marquee source for quality duratrans backlit prints, with our legacy customer service and aggressive Internet pricing to make it a 3-way win for your backlit graphics project. Best-of-class color bandwidth, continuous tone resolution and highest available black opacity have catapulted duratrans from a laboratory idea in the late 1970’s into the industry-wide benchmark for backlit posters and signage that it is today. Only Blue River Digital brings you this elite choice of backlit imaging at Internet-wholesale pricing so low you’ll want to give us a try — but with our high-energy, pro-active customer service that’ll bring you back every time!

Duratrans-grade film is an emulsified polyester media laser-exposed at 4000 dpi, the highest dot resolution available in the large format print media industry, and photochemically developed using state-of-the-art silver halide process, to deliver a broad and rich color spectrum not achievable with inks, and a black opacity (Dmax) second to no other translucent print media. For more information on duratrans, see our technical specifications.

Backlit Display Lightboxes
Blue River Digital offers more models and configurations of fluorescent and LED backlit display lightboxes for duratrans backlit graphics than any other lightbox supplier in the world. For you, this means whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor, single or double-sided, fluorescent or LED lightboxes — the selection, performance and value found in our extensive line of backlit graphics products are unmatched in the industry.